Pilot Project Launch


Funds available for StFX students to display their work at the Art Gallery

The Students’ Union has recently funded a part of the cost for hosting Nic Latulippe’s “Canadiana” exposition at the StFX Art Gallery from March 4 to 14, 2019. Latulippe convinced the Students’ Union to repay him $1100 for printing his artwork displayed at the exposition and renting the space.

The money came from the Council Initiatives Fund which also supported student-led projects such as The Xaverian Review this year. Part of Latulippe’s initiative is to have funding for art expositions more accessible to students on campus.

Latulippe learned about the Council Initiatives Fund while speaking with Tega Sefia, Vice-President of Finance and Operations of the Students’ Union. Sefia informed Latulippe that any student can request money from the Fund for a project at a council meeting.

Latulippe’s proposal, according to the Council Minutes, included that he would get funding on the condition that his artwork be displayed in the Brian Mulroney Hall Institute. However, Latulippe has been selling prints from “Canadiana” displayed at the exposition for personal profit. The Xaverian Weekly reached out to Latulippe inquiring about purchasing “Alone” and “Maritime Icon.” Latulippe replied that original prints displayed at the “gallery” as well as “reprints” are available for purchase.

Photo: http://www2.mystfx.ca/art-gallery/exhibitions

Photo: http://www2.mystfx.ca/art-gallery/exhibitions

The idea of featuring StFX artists at the campus Art Gallery opens doors to showcase student art, yet there is little evidence that funding behind this new project is distributed fairly across all StFX artists. The amount of money allocated to fund Latulippe’s exhibition was substantial compared to the $500 he proposed to council that future artists receive for showcasing their work in the Art Gallery.

While the efforts of Latulippe, the Students’ Union, and the Art Gallery to promote student artwork is commendable, the execution of this project is flawed. Funding aside, Latulippe’s exposition was displayed for 10 days while Doumkos’ exposition was displayed for nine days. Latulippe’s full name appears on his promotional poster while the only identifier linking Doumkos to the exposition is her website doumkos.com.

Students’ Union executives are considering various strategies to ensure the long-term success and fairness of this pilot project. Latulippe is to be praised for putting forth this project rooted in the empowerment of student artists.