Happy Nutrition Month!


A note from your sport nutrition interns

March is nationally recognized as Nutrition Month across Canada. Nutrition Month is a celebration of food and nutrition as well as celebrating dieticians and nutritional health professionals. As the only regulated nutrition professionals in Canada, Registered Dietitians are responsible for providing relevant, reliable and evidenced-based nutrition information. As the 2019 dietetic interns on campus, we are celebrating the impact health and nutrition has on our lives all month long with various events across campus and social media challenges.

This year’s theme for Nutrition Month is “Unlock the Potential of Food.” This theme allows us to embrace the role food plays in our lives and how we can utilize it in many different ways. There are five topics covered under this theme: the potential to fuel, potential to discover, potential to prevent, potential to heal, and potential to bring us together. These topics show the many different ways we can use food to enhance our lives, bodies and minds. We are posting each day on our social media, covering these topics more in depth. Check out our Facebook (StFX Student Athlete Nutrition) and Instagram (@stfxsportnutrition) to see our posts!

As the dietetic interns on campus this semester, we are taking on the role of promoting nutrition and health throughout March. We have a number of events and activities going on throughout the month that we hope brings people together in the celebration. We will be setting up booths in the Wellness Centre and Bloomfield, offering free snacks, fun activities and discussing more about the nutrition program on campus! We also have a number of giveaways planned, so please drop by and partake for a chance to win a prize. We are challenging students to use social media as an outlet to post photos of them “unlocking the potential of food” and hash-tagging #nutritionmonthatx.

Dietitians help Canadians unlock the potential of food to enhance lives, improve health, inspire children, fuel activities and bring people together. Wondering about the nutrition profession and how you can get involved? To become a Registered Dietitian in Canada you must complete an undergraduate degree in human nutrition and dietetics from a university program that has been accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP). In addition to this, dietitians must also obtain supervised practical experience. From here you must successfully complete the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE).

The food and nutrition field is a wonderful career choice considering the ever-changing information and importance it plays in our society. With false information being promoted every day through media outlets as the most “credible advice”, we need Registered Dietitians in the field more than ever to help regulate what the public interprets as true. Many of the fad diet trends that are promoted to the public are not backed up with scientific evidence and could be harmful in the long run. This is why Registered Dietitians want to promote a healthy lifestyle, with room for enjoyment and new food experiences. Health is all encompassing, and we are here to help individuals and populations reach that.

It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s experience with food is different. There are countless factors that impact a person’s ability to access food, and how they are able to prepare and handle the food they have. 

During Nutrition Month we also want to bring attention to the fact that nutrition does not solely represent eating nutritionally. The social determinants of health play a large role in the ability for individuals to access healthy, safe, and affordable food. It is important as health professionals that we are not ignorant to this, and work with individuals and communities to receive better access to help achieve the main goal of health.

We hope to see you around campus and encourage you to join us in promoting Nutrition Month! Stay tuned on our social media to keep up to date with events going on in the coming weeks.


Meet Your Sport Nutrition Interns


Leah Gouthro and Cassie Crowe are here for your health

Registered Dietitians are health care professionals trained with the most up-to-date and evidenced-based information to provide advice and counselling regarding diet, food and nutrition. In social media, false information is often promoted as the easiest way to achieve the optimal goal of health. Thus, the role of a Registered Dietitian to support evidenced-based information is more crucial than ever.

Photo: goxgo.ca

Photo: goxgo.ca

My name is Leah Gouthro and I graduated from the Human Nutrition program at StFX in May of 2018. I decided early in my degree that dietetics was the field of study that spoke to me the most, recognizing its importance today. This program allows students to gain experience in the field of dietetics with a wide range of professions, including community/public heath, food service, and clinical-based experience. This program differs from the graduate programs as students are competing against a smaller pool of their own peers within the program. Each year there is a limited number of placements in the Maritimes taking interns from StFX. Each intern will spend fourteen weeks in a community on food service and clinical setting where they gain exposure helping to broaden their career choices. In my opinion, the Dietetic Internship program gives students a chance to gain hands-on experience in a variety of settings.

I am currently completing my second practicum as part of the internship program, which is the sport internship community placement. I have always taken a key interest in sport nutrition and dreamed of pursuing a career as a sport dietitian. This placement gives interns the incredible experience of working with varsity athletes on improving their diets, educating them on nutrition through presentations or individual consults, sharing simple and healthy recipe ideas with teams, and more. As a future dietitian, I take pride in promoting a profession which holds so much importance. My goal is to work with people, educating them on proper nutrition, healthy choices, most importantly, removing barriers that prevent them from achieving success with respect to their own nutritional goals.

Photo: goxgo.ca

Photo: goxgo.ca

My name is Cassie Crowe and I graduated in May 2017 with my B.Sc. in Human Nutrition. After doing a fifth year to upgrade, I was accepted into the Integrated Dietetic Internship (IDI) program last year and began my internship this past September. It took me a long time to decide that this was the path I wanted to take, but I’m very happy with my choice. The Sport Nutrition placement available here at X is an opportunity that not all dietetic interns get through other schools and I’m super blessed that I’m able to have this experience. 

Sport Nutrition caught my interest a lot when I was first taking that course (and even more last year when I took it again to upgrade), and this placement is really proving to me that I’d like to work in this field someday. I’m super excited to work with teams and individual athletes every day!

The IDI program here at StFX is open to all third- and fourth-year students in the Human Nutrition program who meet the grade requirements to apply. It’s a necessary step for anyone who wants to become a registered dietitian; dietitians must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, a 40- to 45-week unpaid internship, and finish by writing the national registration exam before they can practice as professional (PDt)/registered dietitians (RD). PDts/RDs are the only regulated nutrition professionals in Canada, meaning they’re held accountable by a governing body (in our province it’s the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association) that monitors their health practices.